This, We Call Life

You ought to wear a thick, impenetrable skin.
You need to have a big unbreakable chin.

For this is life, and you're not welcome!
So, grab your sword, and drum the drum.

Carve your name on it,
or cut your share of it,
or raise your voice above it,
or love your way through it...

Whatever you do,
make sure you live it,
through and through,
and I promise you,

You will laugh, more than others,
and you'll cry, more than others.

And I assure you,
of no rest or saftey.
It's life, I promise you,
It's not always tasty.

But it's the best, we get to eat.
only our fears, we have to beat.

and I know, no other way.
but nay,
some people say;

You should cope,
with or adapt to,
cling on a rope,
learn a craft too...

one way or another,
whatever you chose my brother,
there is something to lose,
and something to gain,
Both will give you pain,
yet neither way is all in vain.

So, it's up to you,
and let me tell you,

it's not a matter, of " To be or not to be".
so don't panic It's more;
 to see or not to see!

and then, light or dark,
" There is silence"...


Iman Fani
Jan 29, 2010

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