How I love cats? let me count the ways

A Cat, is just a cat, but may be more,
a playful joyful, little piece of happiness, we adore...

Though hates to be washed,makes woes wash away,
and saves from sorrows, and makes your day...

Did I say a cat? A kitten would suffice.
For his bowels to move, feed him some rice!

And a crumpled piece of paper, would make him run,
Better than the pen of Shakespeare has ever done!

and don't be afraid of the scratch...
nothing worse than an unwounded heart, a man can catch.

And caress him, as much as you can.
No more pleasure is ever possible, to a man.

Anything your cat breakes, deserves being broken.
With him, your heart is safe, if you need a token.

And spend sometime, just looking in to his eyes...
if he's hungry or sleepy or bored,  he'd say so, he never lies.

A cat is good ground on which to build your love,
among many a subject, under heaven high, and even above.

I still can't believe, the way on the edge, he stood!
and god made cats and " God saw, that it was good ".

Iman Fani 2010

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!Bravo You remind me of Shel Silverstein specially your recent ones Go on...